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“Nanodentistry”- The Next Big Thing Is Small

Shilpa. S. Sasalawad, Naik N. Sathyajith, Shashibhushan K.K, Poornima P, Hugar Shivayogi M, Roshan N.M.


Nanotechnology has revolutionized the field of dentistry with tremendous potential to provide the comprehensive oral health care using the nanomaterials, advanced clinical tools and devices. The new era of dentistry will encompass precisely regulated analgesia, tooth renaturalization, complete cure for hypersensitivity and rapid orthodontic treatment. Many novel nanotechnology products are on the way and new treatment modalities are also proposed. Nanotechnology has increased the hope for better oral health care delivery and improved maintenance through the ongoing research in diagnosis, cure and prevention of oral diseases. This review article provides an insight about the importance and possible applications of nanotechnology in the field of dentistry.


Dentifrobots, Nanocomposites, Nanodentistry; Nanorobots; Nanotechnology

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