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A comprehensive review of new innovations in dental implant imaging techniques

Shubh Karmanjit Singh Bawa, Parul Sharma, Vikas Jindal, Divye Malhotra, Ramneek Bansal, Pankaj Chauhan


Background: Over the past three decades, dentistry has undergone considerable development in all of its branches. The need for more accurate diagnostic methods have become inevitable with these progresses. Advanced imaging methods such as computed tomography, cone beam computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging have also found space in modern dentistry from the traditional intra-oral periapical X-rays. Aim: This paper is intended to explore recent developments in imaging technology and its applications in various dental disciplines. Conclusion: The three - dimensional visualization has made the complex cranio-facial structures more available for analysis and early and precise diagnosis of deep rooted lesions. Clinical Significance: Moving from analog to digital radiography has not only made the process easier and quicker, but has also enabled image storage, manipulation (brightness/contrast, cropping of images, etc.) and recovery.


Cone-beam computed tomography; computed tomography; dental implants dental X-rays; intraoral X-rays

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