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Differences in prosthodontic modalities between diabetics and non-diabetics: A systematic review

Alaa Ali Maudhah, Elham A Maudhah, Zhao Gang, Yusra AM Almansob


Objective: The main purpose of this systematic review was to summarize the differences between diabetic and non-diabetic patient’s management strategies from the removable prosthodontics point of view. Methodology: An electronic PubMed, ScienceDirect, and ResearchGate in conjugation with the manual search were performed from January 1996 to October 2016 for studies on prosthodontics management of diabetics and non-diabetics. The following keywords were used, “candida colonization,” “diabetic oral lesions,” “complete dentures,” “salivary flow,” and ridge resorption.” Results: The updated search provided four hundred 79 titles. Initial analysis of titles leads to 132 abstracts. One hundred and five abstracts were excluded, so 27 full texts were obtained. Sixteen studies were finally selected. The analysis finally showed that Candida colonizes more in the diabetic patient and correlated with blood glucose levels. Salivary flow diminishes with diabetes. The prevalence of precancerous lesions has a great affinity in diabetic denture wearers. Conclusion: Candida colonizes more in the diabetics and correlates with blood glucose levels. Clinical Significance: Diabetes lowers denture stability through increasing ridge resorption.


Candida; Denture; Diabetic; Oral lesion; Prosthodontics

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