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Successful nonsurgical management of a large radicular cyst: A case report with review of literature

Sweta Chaudhary, Pranshu Tripathi, Yogesh Upadhaya, Priyank Seth


Radicular cyst is the most common of all jaw cysts comprising about 52-68% of the cysts affecting the human jaw. It is known to originate as a result of bacterial infection and necrosis of the dental pulp, which causes the proliferation of epithelial cells in a preexisting granuloma. Although a common entity, there still exists a dilemma regarding the management of this pathology. Some author reported that surgical intervention is necessary, whereas others recommends non-surgical management. This article is about successful management of a large radicular cyst following non-surgical endodontic treatment.


Calcium hydroxide; non-surgical treatment; periapical cyst

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