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Oral health status and dental management considerations in autism

Megha Gupta


Autistic individuals suff er primarily from a pervasive impairment of their cognitive and/or perceptional functioning; the consequences of which are manifested by limited ability to understand and communicate, and to learn and participate in social relationships. The behavioral abnormalities that characterize autism include a developmental impairment of reciprocal social interaction, a markedly restricted repertoire of activities and interests, and impairments in verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Among the various handicapping conditions, studies on oral health conditions in children with autism are sparse. The complicated disability itself makes clinical research diffi cult. A close correlation among autism, mental retardation, and seizure disorder is also seen. Hence, this review updates on the behavior, oral health and dental management of autistic children to help the pediatric dentist to treat such patients in their practice efficiently.


Autism, autism spectrum disorder, oral health, self-injurious behavior

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