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Malignant melanoma of mandibular gingiva: A case report with literature review

Sheethal H.S, Kavita Rao, Priya N. S, Smitha T


The oral cavity is relatively a common site for pigmented lesions, most of them being benign, but rarely they may be malignant. Hence, dentist should keep the possibility of malignant melanoma in mind during any differential diagnosis of a pigmented lesions. The incidence of oral malignant melanoma is <1% of all melanomas and 1.6% of all head and neck malignancies. Although it accounts to be relatively a rare disease, it is a deadly one with a bad prognosis. We report a case of malignant melanoma for its rarity in mandibular gingiva and to emphasize the importance of early diagnosis and therapeutic intervention


Malignant melanoma; mandibular gingiva; prognosis

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