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Assessment of knowledge, practice, and work environment related to ergonomics among dental students and dental practitioners

Talha M Siddiqui, Aisha Wali, Owais Hameed Khan, Mohsin Khan, Farjad Zafar


Dental practitioners are frequently exposed to a variety of occupational hazards such as physical, chemical, biological, and ergonomics which create musculoskeletal disorders. Ergonomics in dentistry is defined as reduction in cognitive and physical stress, preventing occupational diseases, thereby improving efficiency, with better quality and greater comfort for both the practitioners and patients. Work-related musculoskeletal disorders are common among dental practitioners. The study conducted was questionnaire based with 400 participants from 8 dental schools of Karachi, Pakistan. The questionnaire was divided into three segments of knowledge, practice and work environment. A cluster sampling method was implemented. The total participants of this study were 400 out of which 136 (34.1%) were male and 246 (65.7%) were female. For better understanding and convenience, the responses were categorized into poor, fair, and good. The mean ± standard deviation of practicing dentists for knowledge was 5.95 ± 2.291, for practice was 12.02 ± 3.189, and for the condition of workplace was 9.88 ± 1.688. The current study provides an insight into ergonomics for dental professionals during routine dental procedures. The knowledge, practice and work environment studied related to ergonomics were not satisfactory among the participants. There is a need of practical and theoretical inclusion of basic ergonomics principles.


Ergonomics; knowledge; practice; work environment

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