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Radiation prosthesis: A review

Renu Gupta, Luthra R. P., Deepak Gautam


Radiation has been used for the treatment of various head and neck tumors. Sadly, this treatment causes complications by increasing the mortality of the neighboring tissues. In radiation of the oral cavity and the paranasal sinuses tumors, the level of which the tissues are included in the radiation treatment portals will determine the gravity of the oral unease during treatment. Affecting the nutritional status of the patients and may finally affect the total dose of radiation which the patients can receive for the treatment. The adverse tissue reactions are discomforting and also lowers the life’s quality, mostly dispiriting the patient from undergoing therapy. Radiation prostheses can prevent the unnecessary irradiation of the surrounding normal tissues, therefore reducing the severity of reactions. Since the use of these stents is personalized, close association between the radiotherapist and prosthodontist is essential. This article aims at presenting the various prostheses that can be used by the oral cancer patients to receive better treatment and reduce post radiation difficulties.


Irradiation; radiation prosthesis; stent; tumor

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