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Journey from 2D to 3D: Implant imaging a review

Anil Kumar N, Gaurav Agrawal, Anchala Agrawal, Sreedevi B, Ankur Kakkad


Imaging techniques play an important role in proper treatment planning for dental implant. Conventional radiographic imaging techniques provide sufficient information regarding suggested implant sites. But, small size, image distortion and magnification limit their use in many cases. Previously CT has been employed for preoperative planning of implant. The major disadvantages of CT are artifacts, high dose of radiation and cost. Advanced imaging modalities like CBCT produces 3D images at relatively low cost and radiation dose thus making it invaluable in coordination with other techniques providing the anatomical information thus helps in proper treatment plan, good prognosis and thus relatively low risks for surgical mishaps.


Artifacts; dental implants; imaging modalities; radiation risk

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