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Role of oral foci in systemic diseases: An update

Ranjitkumar Patil, Shailesh M Gondivkar, Amol R Gadbail, Monal Yuwanati, Mugdha Mankar (Gadbail), Manoj Likhitkar, Sachin Sarode, Gargi Sarode, Shankargouda Patil


Background: A current research disagreement middles about a theorized connection between chronic oral infections and the progress of adverse systemic health conditions. However, the gap between general and dental medicine is quickly closing, due to significant findings supporting the association between dental infections and systemic conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes mellitus, respiratory diseases, stroke, adverse pregnancy outcomes, osteoporosis, renal diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases. Relentless efforts have brought light on numerous advances in illuminating their etiopathological links. However, the majority of data about possible role or interlink between the infection and systemic disease is available in the form of case report or summary. As case reports are not the acceptable to many indexed scientific magazines, many these findings undergo unnoticed to researchers. The currently minimal accessible data provide only an indication of the actuality. Aim: This article highlights the Role of oral foci in systemic diseases. Conclusion: There is need of sincere work efforts on genetic relatedness of organisms, rather than their phenotypes, sophisticated sampling, detection, and analytical techniques to create the associations. To give insight to recent apprises of different systemic diseases as a consequence of primary oral infections and the pathogenesis link. The odontogenic bacteremia is likely to cause systemic and end organ infections, but such infections can easily resist by body defenses. It is important that role of good oral health and the risks associated with poor oral health should told to the individuals. Clinical significance: Dentists and medical practitioners should work together to provide comprehensive health care, thereby reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with oral infections.


Adverse pregnancy outcomes; cardiovascular disease; diabetes mellitus; gastrointestinal disease; oral foci; osteoporosis; respiratory disease; renal disease; stroke

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