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Solitary bone cyst: An incidental radiographic finding in an asymptomatic teen

Ashwin D P, Santosh A N, Purva Mansabdar, Nandan Rudra Paul, Ujjal Das


Aim: Traumatic bone cyst or solitary bone cyst (or unicameral bone cyst) as it is commonly called as an asymptomatic, slow-growing lesion commonly diagnosed incidentally during routine radiographic examination of the jaw bones appearing as a radiolucent lesion. The aim of this commentary is to present a case of solitary bone cyst in an asymptomatic teenage patient who had visited us for an orthodontic extraction. Conclusion: An interesting case of traumatic bone cyst has been presented here with its management. Curettage remains the frontline treatment option. Clinical Significance: Surgical exposure and curettage are the treatment of choice, and it is curative for solitary bone cyst. Surgeons should keep an eye out for incidental pathologies on routine radiographs.


Curettage, cyst, jaw cyst, maxilla, non-epithelial, odontogenic cyst

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