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A Review on the Applications of Tissue Engineering in Branches of Dentistry

Elham Alizadeh


Background: The major focus of dentistry has been primarily on the modification and improvement of synthetic material properties, but the emergence of dental tissue engineering has led to an evolution in the framework of the main products, such as restorative materials and implants. Aim: The aim of the present study is to assess the applications of tissue engineering in different fields of dentistry. To this end, a review was made on articles, which are available in Medline using keywords, such as dental stem cell, teeth tissue engineering, regenerative dentistry, oral surgery, periodontal regeneration, and regenerative endodontics. Papers were mostly searched from 2000 onward. Conclusion: According to the results, we could predict that although there are serious problems in dental tissue engineering, this technique could gain numerous applications in dentistry, sooner, or later. Clinical Significance: By embracing such a modern technology, the biomaterials science would undoubtedly face a dramatic historical transition.


Dental stem cells, oral surgery, periodontal regeneration, regenerative dentistry, regenerative endodontics, teeth tissue engineering

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