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A commentary on ayurvedic management of lichen planus with aphthous ulcer – Pittaja Mukhapaka

Manjusha Rajagopala, Poonam Dhruv, Narayan Bavalatti


Aim: Lichen planus is a chronic inflammatory mucocutaneous disease, more commonly found in females with a prevalence rate of 1–2%. Recurrent aphthous ulcer is also an inflammatory disease with ulceration in mouth, pain, and burning sensation. In Ayurveda, these can be correlated with Mukhapaka which occurs when the oral cavity undergoes suppuration and ulceration along with vitiation of Pitta dosha. The aim of this commentary is to present a case of oral lichen planus (OLP) with a recurrent aphthous ulcer in an 18-year-old female patient treated with ayurvedic management. Conclusion: In modern medicine, for the management of OLP and recurrent aphthous ulcer, mouth gargles, steroids, B-complex group of drugs, and injection placentrex (submucosal) are prescribed, but the modern management has its own limitations along with side effects. According to Ayurveda, Pitta dosha and Raktavaha srota are the main Dushya in Mukhpaka; therefore, management includes Pitta shamaka, Vedanasthapana (pain relieving), Vranashodhana (wound cleaning), Vranaropana (wound healing), and Rakta prasadaka (blood soothers) treatment. Due to tobacco chewing, spicy food, alcohol, betel nut, gastric disturbance, and other various reasons commonly found OLP and recurrent aphthous ulcer has been presented here with its management. Clinical Significance: This review aims at clinical approach to treat lichen planus and non-healing recurrent aphthous ulcer in ayurvedic lines of the treatment having achieved substantial recovery.


Ayurveda; Mukhapaka; oral lichen planus; recurrent aphthous ulcer

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