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Concomitant mandibular hypo-hyperdontia: Report of two rarest cases with the literature review

Nagaveni N. B, Meghna Bajaj, Kirthiga Muthusamy, Poornima P, Suryakanth M. Pai, Subba Reddy V. V.


Concomitant occurrence of both hypodontia (congenital tooth agenesis) and hyperdontia (supernumerary tooth) in the same dental arch is an extremely rare dental anomaly. Literature search shows very few cases of this anomalous condition with all cases depicting the unilateral presence of supernumerary tooth. Therefore, the intention of the current article is to report two cases of concomitant occurrence of mandibular both hypo-hyperdontia. In that one case exhibited bilateral occurrence of mesiodens teeth in the midline of mandible with associated agenesis of permanent both central incisors and taurodontism in permanent molars, which is not published so far. The article also provides comprehensive literature review on this rarest clinical entity.


Mandibular mesiodens; supernumerary tooth; tooth agenesis

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