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2015 Association of periodontal diseases to anxiety and stress Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Maryam Abrishami, Zeynab Abdi Zamharir, Sajedeh Ghorbanzadeh
2015 Attitudes, techniques and trends in endodontic treatment by the house surgeons in dental institutes - Karachi Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Talha M Siddiqui, Aisha Wali, Azka Anwar
2015 Atypical facial pain and atypical odontalgia: A concise review Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Rakhi Issrani, Namdeo Prabhu, Saurabh Mathur
2016 Autogenous Graft Harvesting; Bone Potential Comparison of Piezosurgery, Bone Mill & Bone Scraper Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Farhan Durrani
2015 Aviation dentistry: New horizon, new challenge Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Lalitagauri Mandke, Shagun Garg
2015 Bilateral supernumerary cusps on deciduous and permanent molars: A case report with a short review Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Roopa K. B, Poornima P, Sidhant Pathak, Neena I. E
2015 Bioactive materials in conservative dentistry Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Snehal Sonarkar, Rucheet Purba
2016 Biologic characteristics of platelet rich plasma and platelet rich fibrin : A review Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Farzaneh Lal Alizade, Mustafa Kazemi, Sahar Irani, Mehdi Sohrabi
2016 Biological reactions to different dental implant surface treatments Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Mona Y El-Gammal, Nihal Y El-Gammal, Omar N Fadhil, Ola M Maria
2016 Bone augmentation using autogenous block grafts and particulate bovine bone in the severe atrophic ridges : Case Reviews Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Farhan Durrani
2015 Bone’s smart envelope - The periosteum: Unleashing its regenerative potential for periodontal reconstruction Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Neelesh Singh, Ashita Uppoor, Dilip G Naik
2015 Botox and derma fillers: The twin-face of cosmetic dentistry Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Aditya Sinha, Megha Hurakadli, Pramod Yadav
2015 Broad thumb-hallux syndrome: A rare congenital disorder Abstract   PDF
Nagaveni N.B, Saravana Kumar, Shashikiran M.D, Poornima P
2015 Calcium enriched mixture cement: A review Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Praveen Kumar Bali, Shivekshith A K, Allamaprabhu C R, Vivek H P
2015 Can pituitary adenoma stimulate an adenoid cystic carcinoma in the oral cavity: An intriguing case with literature review Abstract   ABSTRACT   PDF
Keerthi R, Abhishek Dutta
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